A Job Offer

Session 2 of Greenhaven

After a long, exhausting evening – and a few extra coins in their pockets – our band of adventures head home to rest up, some to head to jobs while others also want to see about clearing their name from the unfortunate incident in Doc’s last night.

Zurk manages to grab a few hours of sleep before heading to the stables a little late. His boss, Henry Clavenclaw, berates him for his tardiness and lack of commitment to the work. Clavenclaw continues to ride Zurk all throughout the morning; Zurk somehow manages to keep his cool and makes only a few snide comments in riposte. He bides his time until he’s able to head back to Doc’s with the lunch crowd to see if he can get some answers. Our hope-to-be hero, Percival, heads back to his apartment for some well needed rest … it’s not everyday that a massive explosion from some strange fangled contraption blows up in your face. There must have been some luck on his side that he survived at all; but you can’t have a hero go down on his first adventure after all, that’s not in the story books! A few hours later, Percival’s manager, Ricardo, arrives and looks fairly frazzled. He wants to know what happened last night as the word on the street is that the Protectors are seeking Percival for being a witch. Percival relates his story about the eggs just appearing at Doc’s and that he and his companions were fighting them off to protect the other patrons. The accusations are just a simple misunderstanding. Ricardo is a little concerned that running made Percival appear guilty, but tells Percival that he needs to pay better attention concerning the people he associates with. They’ll need to come up with a plan to explain it and convince the authorities that Percival wasn’t really involved.

Wanted for Sorcery

Finished with his work, Zurk makes his way back to Doc’s. The normal crowd doesn’t seem to be heading into the door for lunch, but he does notice a poster plastered outside the door. Still a little wet from the paste affixing it to the wall, in large letters at the top, “Wanted for Questioning on Suspicion of Sorcery.” It names Gerund Basso, the tavern’s bard, as well as Percival and Nêriel with a description of Pockets and one word describing Zurk, “KOBOLD.” Zurk rips down the poster and enters into Doc’s, which is empty except for Doc wiping down the bar. He sits down and asks for a pint. Doc replies that it’ll be one copper for the ale and another to not call the Protectors. Zurk’s wanting information so he plops the two coins down. Doc though isn’t too forthcoming, only that the events of last night seem to be putting a damper on his business, though he does tell Zurk that Gerund has a girl that he shacks up with in the Fair Weather District, a run-down residential area, when he’s not staying in his room at Doc’s. That’s all he’s going to get, so he leaves and starts to head toward the girl’s district hoping to find more clues. Along the way he does run into one fellow Kobold on the street and warns them that the authorities are looking for Kobolds and that they should warn others to be careful. It’s too late for at least one of their kindred, as Zurk learns that Meepo was plucked off the streets earlier this morning. Now they at least know why; needless to say, Zurk is furious.

Meanwhile … after a few hours, Pockets hears someone call to her from outside her entrance to the sewers, which is her get-a-way shelter. Waiting outside is Sly, the crime boss’ fixer; it seems that Mac was impressed with her crew’s work last night and is interested in them doing something else for him. Sly implies that this has the potential to create a long-term working relationship with Mac. Sly declines Pockets’ offer to come into her home however, but does accept the drink she offers. Finishing the draft, Sly tells Pockets to be at the thieves’ guild at 3:00pm.

“Leaf It To Me” Apothecary Shop, unknown artist

On the other side of town, Nêriel heads to the Alchemists’ Guild to see if he can resolve the ‘sorcery’ accusation for at least him and Percival. He enters through the back door and seeks out Natalia, one of his longtime friends who also happens to be the daughter of his family’s old rival in the alchemy business. Natalia is worried for Nêriel; he seems to think that because it is a misunderstanding that he’ll be able to sort it out easily with the Guild Masters, who can then get the Protectors to backoff. Natalia warns him that her father, Marcus, has the Masters’ ears right now and strongly pushing for a condemnation of Nêriel and his expulsion from the Guild. It’s all under the assumption of protecting the image of the Guild and wanting to not appear as if they favor Magic. (The Alchemist Guild has always been forced to walk a fine line as some view their elixirs as magical.) Natalia cautions Nêriel to give it some time, hopefully that will be able to cool things down and then she can approach her father and Nêriel can approach the Guild Masters. Nêriel is concerned about how he will be able to survive in the meantime, since it will cut off what little access he had to funds to begin with, selling ingredients to members of the Guild. Natalia agrees to help him sell his ingredients as her own, but it will unfortunately cut the price because she is not known for having as high of quality ingredients as him. He leaves to return home.

Nêriel gets to work crafting some potions, but suddenly finds Pockets had snuck up behind him while he wasn’t paying attention. He could have sworn that he had locked the doors when he came in! They fill each other in about their morning discoveries and decide to swing by Percival’s place to pick him up before their meeting with Mac. (At this point, no one in the group knew where Zurk lives or works.) After picking up Percival, they head to the Thieves’ Guild and along the way spot Zurk. The party is back together again to meet up with Mac.

They find Mac, a tall and rather dapper man, outside on the balcony of the Thieves’ Guild with Sly. He appears to be tending to his small flowers and plants. Mac greets them warmly. He does express some concern about their recent accusations, but as a ‘business man’ he’s more interested in results than reputations. Pockets hints to Mac in thieves’ cant that given Percival’s inclinations that they not be too explicit in how they talk. He catches her meaning and invites them all to a more private place to discuss business. He and Sly escort the party into the Guild’s library and drinks are brought for everyone to enjoy. Following a few more pleasantries they get down to business.

Mac’s Property

One of Mac’s suppliers, Finian Linstricket, procured a special item (a small, mahogany chest with silver strappings that are etched with runes) for him but refuses to release it to him. It’s a simple retrieval job. Mac believes the item is still being held at Linstricket’s antiquarian shop. Our adventurers are a little surprised that they’re needed for a simple retrieval job. Mac is forthcoming that it is a test to see how well they work at various tasks, and that he is considering future work for them. Mac also finally informs them it is a rush job, and he wants his property by tomorrow. The party is slightly taken aback, but are willing to make it work. Mac and Sly leave them in the library, telling them that the guys in the main hall can provide them with anything they require. Pockets does have a quick meeting with her fence at the Guild as well; it seems that Doc’s incident is stirring up a lot of heat right now in Greenhaven. She cautions to keep a low profile for now and that Pockets and her friends don’t have anything to worry about from her or the Guild … as long as everything remains profitable for all involved. On the way out of the guild, Percival is heckled by Tensen, one of the thugs in the Guild, for wearing his disguise – a helmet that obscures his face. Percival however takes Tensen’s mocking compliment as sincere and pays him no heed. The other Guild members present get a good chuckle at both Tensen and Percival’s expense. Perhaps making them some potential ‘friends?’ in the Guild.

Musician’s Guild

The group has some time to kill before their evening job and there are a couple of things they want to do beforehand: 1) case out Linstriket’s Emporium and 2) track down more of Zurk’s lead about Gerund Basso. After some discussion, the group decided it best not to make a lot of inquiries in the Fair Weather District about Gerund or his companion muse; a single inquiry at the Musician’s Guild might be more discreet and faster. One of the more impressive buildings in Greenhaven, the Musician’s Guild is located in one of the more affluent areas of the city. They are able to make their way their without any incident. As the most charismatic of the group, and the fact that the young, elf receptionist at the Guild appears to have taken an interest in him, Percival becomes the spokesman for our adventurers. As subtly as possible they explain to the receptionist that they are looking for information about a muse for several songs of one of the Guild’s members. They are required to provide their names and address because they are requesting information about either a Guild member or their work. Let’s just say that things were written down, but the receptionist does pay her utmost attention while Percival write’s his information down. They then describe some of Gerund’s lyrics to her, which she copies down and leaves to give the information to a steward to search their records.

Not long afterwards the receptionist returns with some information on the subject they sought, as well as some playful flirtations with Percival. It seems that the subject of the bardic song is a woman named Thelayna, who is also a Guild Member. The receptionist also mentions that it is odd that they are the second group that has recently been seeking information about these particular songs. The new information raises the parties suspicions and concerns, which is when they make their own slip raising the receptionist’s suspicions. She leaves a bit hastily on the pretext of getting more information from a steward. The party thinks it best to make an expeditious retreat while she is gone now that they have the information they sought.

Not knowing if the information they sought might lead the Protectors to their destination, our adventurers immediately head to Thelayna’s apartment to see if they can uncover some of the mysteries of last night. The building is a multi-family dwelling. They make their way to the apartment and knock on the door, they receive no response. Pockets goes to pick the lock but finds it to be unlocked. She takes a peak inside and upon immediately seeing a dead body lying on the floor of the main room, she hastily closes the door. She asks Percival and Zurk to keep a lookout outside, while she and Nêriel explore inside. Once inside they find whom they presume to be Thelayna laying face down on the floor with a massive wound in her back, made by a large-bladed weapon. She appears to have been dead for a while at this point. They do not find much of interest in the apartment until they check in one of the bedrooms. On the bed, they find Gerund flayed open like a cadaver. The cuts on the body are expertly clean and crisper incisions than any known weapon could make. Most disturbing however is that something appears to have been removed from Gerund’s body, though all the normal organs and appendages appear to be intact.

Before they leave Thelayna’s apartment, the party does discuss if they should do anything to hide the evidence of the bodies, such as burn down the building. In the end, they opt to leave things as they found it and rest up a little before their next evening job. Perhaps some time might provide them with some insight into the strange happenings. Pockets will use this opportunity to scope out Linstriket’s Emporium. It is in the noble district of Greenhaven, so she steals some clothes in order to dress the part as she enters the shop and meets Finian Linstricket, who is behind the counter. She plays the part of a young debutante who is looking for a new viol as she cases the joint. The only one Finian has is a concert viol, which was crafted by the finest luthier before the Great Descent. Perhaps a potential extra perk of the job if they have time. Pockets notices that the locks are of a beefier variety, as would be expected of a higher-end merchant. Besides the showroom, their appears to be a room in back, possibly where the more pricier items would be stored when the shop is closed. There does not appear to be any glaring weaknesses to Linkstriket’s security, but she is confident in her ability to get past his locks.

The company returns later in the evening, having avoided a Protector patrol, to Linkstriket’s Emporium. Despite the late hour there does appear to be lights on in the back room. Nêriel sneaks around back and casts Detect Magic, there doesn’t appear to be anything clearly visible inside the building from his vantage point outside, however he does notice some movement and hears muffled voices inside. Pockets and Zurk sneak in through the front door, as they move closer to the back, they are able to make out part of the conversation of the individuals in the back room. They hear one of them say, “Now is not the time;” and shortly thereafter it sounds as if one or more individuals leave out the back. Waiting a few more minutes, the room sounds clear with the noises of either movement or sounds from the backroom. They sneak quietly into the back room, finding what appears to be a bedroom and a heavily fortified door; no one else appears to be present.

Lockpicking by erenarik

The duo begin to pick the locks on the shielded door. After they get past the first of three locks, they hear a voice behind them, “Well … what’ssss do we have heresss; perhapsss an eveningsssssnack?” Emerging from under the bed is a massive Constrictor that seems to be filling over half the room with its girth. Zurk and Pockets try to keep the creature at bay while also retreating from the room, waiting for reinforcements. Percival and Nêriel make their way into the building as quick as they can; Percival, of course, charging directly into the fight with his longsword. Zurk and Pockets proceed to pepper the monster with bolts and arrows, while Nêriel uses his strange whip. The Constrictor’s first few attacks on the more nimble party members are thwarted, but once the hulk of Percival is in its sight he grapples hold of Percival, lifting him off the ground preparing to squeeze him to death. With the relentless assault from our adventurers, Pockets is able to get the final death shot off as the monster was rearing it’s head back to swallow Percival. Percival frees himself from the snake’s corpse as it too begins to fade into the aether like the strange cats from last night.

With his Detect Magic still activated, Nêriel notices a slight glow emanating from the chest at the base of the bed, strangely enough he is unable to discern its school though. Pockets is able to disengage the trap on the large chest as well as unlock it. Inside is an object that matches the description of the one Mac sent them to retrieve, as well as another smaller item in a box. They take both, the inscription on the bands of Mac’s chest is Elvish, “In the light of the moon, Belith dances among the succubi.” The group takes this as a bit of a warning and do not want to open the chest while there is moonlight; and considering their growing suspicions, are not wanting to have this chest in their possession for very long. Nêriel holds on to the smaller box for now until they can figure out what to do with it. Zurk and Pockets turn their attention back to the fortified door and begin to make progress on its locks. It seems the fight, and the fact that it took place in the merchant district, however has raised the alarm of the Protectors who are now headed to investigate the disturbance …

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