STA Intelligence Officer

Star Trek Adventures is a tabletop RPG game published through Modiphius, and right now is one of my new favorite things.  It is not the first RPG in the Star Trek universe that honor belongs to FASA.  In FASA they developed rules and adventure modules geared around Starfleet Intelligence; it was proper intelligence gathering and not sending well-known members of Starfleet on dangerous missions for which they were not prepared.  Modiphius provided stats for a Section 31 member of SI but not a playable character.  For those who might not be familiar with this agency, they are a loosely connected member of Starfleet, who see their mission as the protection of the Federation regardless of the cost.  I wanted to be able to play sanctioned missions similar to my favorite FASA module, Dixie Gambit, and so this page exists to provide the content I am creating to run a Starfleet Intelligence campaign using the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 System.  I will be posting background information on the SI campaign as well as my rules for creating intelligence officers, who are a little more powerful than a typical officer and can pull from an additional set of talents.  As I run through the various missions I have planned, I will post them here for other people to enjoy/use/modify.  Live Long and Prosper.

I’ve put the Starfleet Intelligence Officer Character Creation Supplemental into a small booklet for people to use.  As I play-test some of the Missions I have created I will also write them up in a small booklet for others to use as well.  If you find these supplements useful, please consider supporting with a small stipend or become a patron.


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