From the Silent Planet

Starfleet Intelligence Mission Chronicles, Episode 1

Captain’s Log Supplemental

Our listening post near Solosos III ceased transmitting 3 weeks ago and with the recent alliance between the Dominion and the Cardassians, it is vital we learn what those two are up to.  A two-person repair crew was dispatched three days ago, but we have heard nothing from them for two.  It is vital we restore the listening post, so I’m dispatching a larger team to find the missing officers and to get the post operational again.  In case they run into any Cardassians or Jem’Hadar their cover story is they are monitoring trilithium levels in the area to see if they threaten any other settlements.  We can use Ben Sisko’s victory over the Maquis to help us here.  I still don’t see how he avoided a court martial for poisioning a whole planet, he must have friends in high places.  …   Computer, strike that last sentence.

Mission Objectives

In addition to the Prime Directive, the objectives for this mission are:

  • Find the Missing Starfleet Officers
  • Repair Listening Post on Valo VI
  • Avoid Incidents with the Cardassians or Dominion that Could Escalate to Armed Conflict