STA: A Voice from the Heavens

Barzan Wormhole from "False Profits," Star Trek Voyager (Season 3, Episode 5)

A Gamma Quadrant Adventure for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game

The Pitch

The mission is designed as a solo adventure (one Player and one GM) that uses the support character rules from the Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook (p. 132-135). The Player Characters are some of the first Federation Officers entering the Gamma Quadrant via the Bajoran Wormhole. They are assigned as part of a survey mission charged with locating an ideal world near the wormhole to be the site of the New Bajor colony. Unusual readings and an inviting message take the player to Geb’aten where they will discover artifacts that may challenge their Federation ideals…


The mission begins with the PCs surveying planets in a section of the Gamma Quadrant, following the recent discovery of the wormhole near Bajor and Deep Space Nine. Unusual readings and an unexpected message await the Mission Team in Gamma-Sector 0012A. The planet of Geb’aten is surrounded by a dense electromagnetic field but also home to two different groups of people, the Lithgeb and the Lithaten, who divide their planet along religious lines.

The Lithgeb, who initiate contact with the crew, invite the Mission Team to visit the planet.  It is an unexpected First Contact situation that even veteran officers in Starfleet only dream about. Treated as honored guests and dignitaries, the crew soon discover there is more happening on Geb’aten than was initially expected. They are trapped on the planet as an electromagnetic barrier cuts off communication and transporting back to their ship. The problem was an issue of which their hosts were aware and did not share with the Mission Team before arriving in their capitol city. A tactic the Lithgeb have used multiple times before on other visitors to Geb’aten to extort technology. They now find themselves in the middle of a religious and civil conflict. Both sides seek Federation technology, or gifts from the Off-worlders as the religious Geb’atenians refer to it. The Lithgeb demand a ransom to provide passage back through the electromagnetic barrier, which would have a rippling effect on the balance of power on Geb’aten. On the other hand, the Lithaten seek to help these Off-worlders as a means to maintain their beliefs and traditions. The propaganda value of the aid would provide the Lithaten with a significant religio-political advantage.

Whatever choices the Mission Team takes to get off Geb’aten and return to their shuttlecraft, the discovery of two ancient artifacts on the planet (Orbs of the Prophets) could potentially have significant repercussions in the Alpha Quadrant!


In addition to the Prime Directive, noninterference in the internal affairs of other cultures and civilizations, the Directives for this mission are:

  1. Seek out new life and new civilizations
  2. Catalog planets in their assigned sector
  3. Check-in to the USS Wohpe every 24 hours

The Gamemaster should begin the session with two points of Threat. The player begins this session with a single point of Determination.

Information on Geb’Aten

The following information on Geb’aten is provided to the Gamemaster in order to better roleplay the peoples of the planet. The people of Geb’aten view the world with a religious perspective, but are divided into sects of two gods, the Lithgeb (followers of Geb) and the Lithaten (followers of Aten). The origins of their gods are the two stars in their solar system, but their beliefs have since involved into complex theological doctrine and ritualistic practices revolving around the knowledge gained from visions brought upon by the Primordial Gifts (see the “Report on the Primordial Gifts” below for more information). As a sign of respect to their gods, but also to separate from their faith’s animist past, the gods are generally not mentioned by name in conversation but only as the Off-worlders to whom they offer their messages of praise or supplication during worship. The Geb’atenians are humanoid in appearance with a slight bluish pigmentation in their skin, nasal ridges, and elongated ears. Apart from their focus on one god over the other (the Lithgeb belief focuses on striving to better oneself at any cost; whereas the Lithaten see fulfillment in self-actualization and a harmonious life), there are no cultural differences between the two groups who inhabit the planet. Geb’aten, however, is strictly segregated between the two sects with intermittent wars between the factions that have lasted for millennia. The Lithgeb and Lithaten are governed by identical, though separate systems. The Prestcot is the leader of the cult and people, who is assisted by the lesser ministers known as Accoltaes and the police and military forces known as the Veurrs.

Geb’aten is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, which is generated by the planet’s core. The field is a persistent barrier that prevents any interaction with the planet via known electronic, communication techniques, prevents ships from entering or leaving the atmosphere, and negates transportation technology. The Geb’atenians have a method, for the duration of 1 hour and at great cost, to harness the power of the planet’s core to overcome the interference of the field to transport people and objects or send communications (see the “Report on the Bau Artifact” below for more information). Given the Lithgebs’ belief in pushing limits to achieve their potential, they have generally been more resolved to scientific and technological inquiry. The emphasis on technology has created an advanced society on par with some planets seeking membership in the Federation. Despite their theoretical understanding of interstellar travel, their electromagnetic barrier has prevented them from leaving Geb’aten. The Lithaten on the other hand are not averse to technology and will use it in their daily lives but see it as an unnecessary part in their final goal of self-fulfillment.

Pre-Generated Characters

The scenario is designed for a PC and two Supporting Characters, creating a Mission Team that includes a Pilot, Science Officer, and Security Officer. The Player should have access to two of these Pre-Generated Characters to best supplement their PC or two other support characters that are part of an ongoing campaign.

Ensign Greklan
Lieutenant Sek
Petty Officer Krushish Duk

USS Chaihsuhu, NCC-63582/2

Danube-Class Runabout

The PCs begin the mission aboard the USS Chaihsuhu, which is a Danube-Class Runabout from their primary posting on the USS Wohpe, see Danube-class Runabout in Core Rulebook (p. 235) with the following modifications for this mission: Sensors 08, Weapons 06, and has the Long Duration Mission Module.

Scene 1: Unexpected Message

GM should read the following to the player:

Your shuttlecraft drops from warp as you enter the binary star system of Planetoid 0012A-34. As the pilot begins to plot a course to the planet under observation you receive what the computer reports as a corrupted digital transmission.

To decode the corrupted signal will require a Reason + Engineering Task, assisted by the runabout’s Computers + Engineering, with a Difficulty of 1. A successful task will yield the following information:

  • It is a repeating pattern of mathematical formulas and includes an audio message, “Greetings Off-Worlders. On behalf of the people of Geb’aten, we respectfully and with great honor request you visit our world.”
  • The message has been traveling at a sub light speed for some time and appears to have originated from Planetoid 0012A-34.

The Player may spend Momentum to Obtain Information:

  • The message uses an advanced algorithm often deployed by space-faring cultures for interstellar communication.
  • The message was corrupted by some form of electromagnetic interference.

If the Player wishes to contact their ship for orders on how to proceed or to check-in, Captain Ithil Ch’rhatoon will order them to explore more about the planet. She reminds them of the Prime Directive, and tasks them to discover why their long-range sensors did not detect this level of technology and if the civilization on Planetoid 0012A-34 (Geb’aten) is advanced enough for First Contact.

Further scans of the planet, away from orbit, which require a successful Reason + Science Task, assisted by the runabout’s Sensors + Science, with a Difficulty of 0 are unable to detect any signs of life or civilization on the planet surface. There appears to be some form of electromagnetic field surrounding the planet that refracts their sensor scans. The computer is unable to determine if it is natural or artificial.

Upon Entering Orbit of Geb’aten the GM should read the following to the player:

After maneuvering through the system on impulse power, you enter a standard, high orbit around Geb’aten. Before you have an opportunity to give the order to begin more detailed scans of the planet, the runabout receives a hail from the planet surface.

Prestcot Cullos, Speaker for the Lithgeb, welcomes them to Geb’aten and looks forward to peaceful cooperation between their cultures.  Despite the Mission Teams’ introductions, the Prescot and other people of Geb’aten will refer to them as Off-worlder and their given name and often with additional honorifics (e.g. Revered, Honored, or Esteemed to name a few possibilities). The Speaker appears to be amiable and has a desire to be as helpful as possible with the players. Though it should not be immediately obvious to the PCs, Prestcot Cullos is not providing the PCs with all the necessary information. At the first opportunity, he will invite the Mission Team to visit the planet’s surface and be his guests at their capitol of Sanctum.  Prestcot Cullos will provide the following information to the Player:

  • Signal was sent 150 years ago to welcome the Off-worlders in peace.
  • The electromagnetic interference that emanates from the planet’s core prevented monitoring of the signal once it passed 3 rutiks from the planet’s atmosphere (equivalent to 650,000 kilometers).
  • The PCs are the first Off-worlders to respond to their message and visit Geb’aten.

If the Player wishes to seek permission from their captain, she will grant it to visit the planet. The PCs are reminded to limit exposure of Federation technology to the Geb’atenians. This will be the final communication with the USS Wohpe as the electromagnetic barrier prevents further communication once they are planet side.  GM Note: Through the use of a Support Character, the GM may wish to suggest one member of the Mission Team stay aboard the shuttlecraft per Starfleet Safety Regulations for visiting unknown planets.  If a support character remains on board the shuttlecraft, they will be unable to communicate or beam the team back. The shuttlecraft also will be unable to pilot through the barrier.

Scene 2: Visit to Sanctum

GM should read the following to the player:

You materialize in a large, receiving chamber. Prestcot Cullos is present to greet you, as well as a host of other dignitaries to whom you are introduced. Following a ceremony of thanks and reception, the Speaker leads the Mission Team to a small chamber filled with Geb’atenian delicacies and his closest advisors.

The reception provides an opportunity for the Player to interact with various members of the Speaker’s advisors, all well-drained religio-political figures who provide the most flattering interpretation of life among the Lithgeb. One thing that should become apparent to the PCs is that apart from Prestcot Cullos the rest of the reception attendees seem to give the PCs extreme deference, bordering on awe of the Off-worlders. When it is time to move the scene forward, the PCs will encounter Accoltae Dehmon, an excitable individual, who asks the PCs what gifts they have brought. Almost immediately, Prestcot Cullos will appear to rescue the PCs from Accoltae Dehmon’s questions. He is eager to quickly change the subject, brushing aside Accoltae Dehmon’s comments as a result of too much Gesslean Wine. If the PCs push Prestcot Cullos with a successful Presence + Command Task, with a Difficulty of 1. He will explain that it’s an old custom among their people when new friends meet; they exchange gifts as a symbol of trust. On an Obtain Information the PCs can learn that the Speaker is holding something back. If pressed further, he will appear offended; if necessary the GM can remind the Player through one of the Support Characters that further offense could lead to a diplomatic incident which may hamper continued dialogue between the Federation and the Lithgeb. Regardless, Prestcot Cullos will signal for Veurr Neentan, Chief of Security Operations, to escort the Mission Team to see the sights of Sanctum, especially the Asciunta Market.

GM should read the following to the player:

Veurr Neentan arranges a diligent, diplomatic tour of various parts of Sanctum. The final two destinations are to be the Asciunta Market and the Sanctuary of Geb and Aten. During the visit to the Asciunta Market there is a commotion at the northern edge; chants of “Messages to the Off-Worlders” distinctly resonate from the area. Veurr Neentan apologizes but asks your leave to make sure there are no problems; he leaves Veurr Miktahl to watch over you in the meantime.

The PCs may continue the tour, now led by Veurr Miktahl (see NPCs below for stats on a Veurr), around the shops of the Asciunta Market or seek to investigate the disturbance themselves. If the PCs wish to investigate, they will need to use a Contested, Persuasion Task (Presence + Command), with a Difficulty of 1 against Veurr Miktahl. If successful, she will reluctantly agree with the stipulation that they must immediately leave the area if the Veurr feels they are unsafe. Otherwise, she will deftly direct them in a southerly direction toward the fruit and vegetable area of the market. If the PCs are moving closer to the disturbance, they will hear snippets of conversation:

  • “are those the Off-worlders’ avatars”
  • “my messages must have been heard”
  • “what new gifts have they brought”

As they move closer to the area where the disturbance was centered, people are pushing in closer together to get a better look. The familiar voice of Veurr Neentan is heard, “Back up! This elder has simply feinted from the excitement. Back up! Give her some air!”

Regardless of the direction the PCs went, an older Geb’atenian (Prestcot Walti; she does not introduce herself at this moment) finds her way next to the Mission Commander and whispers, “Are you of the Geb or of the Aten?” Irrespective of the response, the Prestcot will briefly look at her chronometer and reply, “Doesn’t matter; the time is now. We must go.” The PCs feel the rumblings of an earthquake aftershock as they along with the elderly Geb’atenian dematerialize. The final thing they hear before transporting out of the market is someone shouting, “The Lithaten are retaliating!”

Scene 3: Among the Lithaten

GM should read the following to the player:

There is a brief moment of disorientation, but as you shake off its effects, you find yourself in what appears to be a side-chamber, with the exit opening into a larger chamber 15 meters from where you materialized. The area is illuminated by candles and the smell of incense permeates everything. The elderly Geb’atenian places herself between you and the exit and bows before you in supplication, “My apologies, Off-worlders, for my behavior, but it was necessary to ensure no harm came to you.  I remain your devoted servant, Prestcot Walti.” Three additional Geb’atenians enter the chamber and perform similar acts of devotion.

Sanctuary of Aten and Geb

Prestcot Walti and the three accoltaes (Epikerna, Hitchal, and Aermec) will be surprised and confused that the PCs are unfamiliar with the situation on Geb’aten or that they are unfamiliar with the Lithaten.  “Have you not received our messages?” or “Is that not why you are here?” may be some of their typical responses. In order for the Lithaten to understand the situation for themselves, as they truly believe the PCs are avatars of their gods, they will come to the conclusion that the electromagnetic barrier must have affected the Off-worlders in some way.  The leaders can provide the following information to the PCs:

  • 150 years ago the Lithgeb sent out a digital message to the Off-worlders, which is a violation of their sacred faith.  The Lithaten will insist that they continue to offer messages in the prescribed forms using only their voices raised to the Off-worlders.
  • After the Lithgeb sacrilege, occasionally Emissaries or Avatars of the Off-worlders have appeared. Though the Lithaten will never condone the actions of the Lithgeb, all Geb’atenians rejoice at the presence of the Off-worlders among them.
    • GM Note: It should become clear at this point to the PCs that the Geb’atenians view them as either gods or their representatives.
  • The first Off-worlders could see the evil in the hearts of the Lithgeb leaders and refused their messages for gifts of power. The Lithgeb Prescot was not content with the decision of the Off-worlders and began to steal their gifts.
  • The first stolen gift was the Bau Artifact. It provides an opening in the protective barrier for an hour or two to allow Off-worlders to visit. So as to not overuse the gift, the Artifact also has great repercussions; it unleashes massive earthquakes that can trigger tsunamis powerful enough to destroy cities. The Lithaten city of Creatum was destroyed this morning to bring the Off-worlders to Geb’aten.
  • The Bau Artifact is currently located in the Sanctuary of Geb and Aten in Sanctum.
  • The Lithgeb profaned the Bau Artifact by using it to trap Off-worlders on Geb’aten, extort them and steal more and more from the Off-worlders’ Treasury of Blessings and by doing so have become powerful.
  • The Lithaten people are seen as a threat to the Lithgeb because they keep to the old ways and seek to spare the Off-worlders from the heretical behavior of the Lithgeb.

Report on the Primordial Gifts

If the PCs attempts to contact their runabout in orbit, they will be unable to do so.  The same is true for an attempt at an Emergency Beam-Out.

The Lithaten will try to be helpful in whatever way the PCs request, within their abilities and beliefs. Their goal is the protection of the Off-worlders and to limit the Lithgebs’ ability to cause what they see as sacrilege to the PCs or future off-worlders. They will offer the assistance of Accoltae Janxeen (see NPCs below) to assist them in any investigation of the Bau Artifact as a means of getting through the electromagnetic barrier. Unbeknown to Prestcot Walti, Accoltae Janxeen is a Lithgeb agent sent to keep an eye on the activities of the Lithaten. If the Player Characters want to transport to the Sanctuary of Geb and Aten, the Lithaten do have a “Transporter Gift” in their sanctuary. They can also provide scanning devices if the PCs did not bring them, costing 1 Threat per scanner.

GM Note: The decision of how to escape from the planet are filled with potential problems with Federation ideals for the Player Characters. The only known device capable of allowing them to transport off the planet has the potential to cause massive death and destruction to the planet’s inhabitants. It might be possible to reconfigure the Bau Artifact so it is no longer a danger to use, however, it is both a religious artifact to the people as well as a new source of technology to be exploited if left on the planet. Not to mention, intentionally or not, the Geb’atenians have come to believe the Mission Crew are avatars or emissaries of their gods; dissuading them of that belief could also alter their religious structures.

Optional Scene 4: Adrift in Orbit

In the case that the Player left one of the Supporting Characters onboard the runabout, the GM may wish to have a scene aboard the shuttlecraft that begins:

For the last couple of hours, you have attempted to contact the Away Team on the planet as they disappeared from your sensors shortly after they were beamed down onto the planet.

A Control + Engineering Task with a Difficulty of 1 sensor scan and assisted by the shuttlecraft’s Sensors + Engineering confirms that the electromagnetic barrier is interfering with communications and the transporter.  Normally launching a probe decreases the Difficulty by 1, however in this case as the probe enters the area of the barrier its power shuts down.  A Momentum spend to Obtain Information reveals:

  • Current levels of electromagnetic interference within the barrier have increased from the initial scans the runabout took when first entering the stars system.
  • If a probe had been launched, the power outage was the result of a naturally occurring EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that penetrated the probes shielding.

An attempt to enter the planet’s atmosphere or to land on the surface requires a Control + Conn Task with a Difficulty of 2 and assisted by the runabout’s Engines + Conn. On a successful role the runabout is able to enter into the electromagnetic barrier. The computer responds that the barrier is draining all power from the shields and attempts to reroute more power have failed. If the shuttlecraft continues its course, shields will fail completely and then the USS Chaihsuhu will be vulnerable to the EMP.  On a failed roll the shuttlecraft is hit by an arc of highly charged energy (5, Piercing 2) from the electromagnetic barrier and is pushed back 1 Zone.

Reporting to the USS Wohpe ensures that Captain Ithil Ch’rhatoon will send a rescue team from Deep Space Nine, ETA (estimated time of arrival) in 32 hours.  The Wohpe is unable to assist as it is currently escorting a Ferengi-vessel back to the wormhole that “took a wrong turn” and ended up in the Gamma Quadrant.  If the PC indicates that the lives of Federation Officers are in danger, she will order the Wohpe to proceed to Planetoid 0012A-34 at Maximum Warp with an ETA of 18 hours.  The officer is ordered to monitor the electromagnetic barrier and continue attempts to contact the Away Team.

Scene 5: Sanctuary of Geb and Aten

In all probability, the Player Characters will want to have a look at the Bau Artifact in an attempt to get some initial scans of the device in order to modify it so it will not be destructive when they attempt to escape from Geb’aten. As a former accoltae at the sanctuary, Janxeen is able to provide help in obtaining pilgrimage clothing as well as location data. She recommends doing initial scans of the device while the Bau Artifact is on display for veneration, allowing the PCs to blend in with the multitude of pilgrims. With the information, they could then return under cover of darkness to make the modifications and leave the planet at that time. Though it is less likely, the Player Characters may also attempt to steal the artifact and bring it back to the current location for more in-depth study and modifications. In this event, Accoltae Janxeen can still provide any necessary aid to the Mission Team.

Sanctuary of Geb and Aten

The Sanctuary of Geb and Aten is a massive compound in the heart of Sanctum. At it’s center is the domed-chapel containing both Primordial Gifts, which are displayed prominently. Also in this central chapel is where the Bau Artifact is housed. During the day and into the early evening there are pilgrims visiting the shrines, as well as Accoltaes to assist them and Veurrs to protect the sanctuary. The sanctuary is also home to Prestcot Cullos, the sanctuary Accoltaes, and a small garrison of Veurrs.

Report on the Bau Artifact

If the Player Characters arrive at the Sanctuary of Geb and Aten during the day, the Bau Artifact will not currently be open for veneration with the doors of its housing closed. An initial scan will be unable to penetrate the material of the artifact’s housing. GM Note: If the PCs are attempting to hide their scans of the device, increase the Difficulty and Complication Range by 1. If they do not, the pilgrims will notice them and accuse them of violating the sanctity of the shrine, bringing the Veurrs to arrest the group. Accoltae Janxeen will offer to inquire about the next public viewing from a nearby accoltae when the next veneration of the Bau Artifact commences, which will occur in 60 minutes and be the final opportunity for the day.

Once the device’s housing is open, the Player Characters will be able to scan it. A successful Insight + Science Task with a Difficulty of 2 and Complication Range of 2 (including the increase noted above) will reveal that the device uses Thenersian Energy, which is banned by the Federation because of it’s highly volatile properties. A Momentum Spend allows the Player Character to formulate a working hypothesis that in it’s unmodulated state (the device is currently without a modulator) the reaction it generates in the planet’s core has the power equivalency of a small star. It is likely this massive, unchanneled energy that causes the natural disasters when the device is used. On a Complication the Away Team will be noticed and the Sanctuary Veurrs will block the exits and surround them. In such a case, they will be taken to Prestcot Cullos (see Optional Scene 6 below).

Optional Scene 6: Behind the Curtain

GM should read the following to the player:

The Veurrs march the Mission Team from the temple to be taken before Prestcot Cullos. As they exit, they hear an Accoltae calling the pilgrims to remain calm and extolling the Veurrs for capturing members of the heretical Lithaten sect who impersonated the Off-worlders and sought to destroy the Primordial Gift of Geb. Led into the Prestcot’s spartan chambers, he has dropped all pretense of a friendly demeanor, Cullos mocks the officers’ feeble attempts at accessing the Bau Artifact.

All Lithgeb have a new Value, The False Off-worlders have desecrated the Sanctuary of Geb and Aten. The Player Character’s combadges, as well as phasers and tricorders (if brought from the shuttlecraft) will be confiscated. Prestcot Cullos’ true purpose in inviting the Away Team to the planet is now revealed. He will offer them a simple choice. They can give him technology or be tortured and rot in the prison below the sanctuary. He is aware of the electromagnetic barrier’s strength and would not be intimidated by a Federation display of force. As Starfleet Officers, the player characters will likely refuse to make the trade. Cullos will have them escorted to the prison and order their torture to commence in an hour, “others have made similar declarations before but they all yielded in the end.” GM Note: The scene is meant to allow an opportunity for the Player Characters to escape, if they wish to try their escape here, there should be no more than 2 Veurrs and Prestcot Cullos present.

The Prison

From “Bread and Circuses,” Star Trek Original Series (Season 2, Episode 25)

The Player Characters are escorted into small, individual holding cells. The Veurr guards who escorted them do not remain but will return in one hour to begin the torture mandated by the Prestcot. The detention center below the sanctuary was not constructed for long term use and is in some level of disrepair. Based on the strengths of the Player Characters and the ingenuity of the player, set a Difficulty of 2 to create a means of escape. An example may be a Security Officer has the ability to find a weak point where the metal bars connect to the wall, therefore a Fitness + Security Task will dislodge the bars enough to climb through. Keys could then be found at the end of the corridor to unlock the other door.

The PCs will need to act with stealth and caution but should be able to avoid any patrols as they make their way out of the prison and back to the courtyard of the Sanctuary of Geb and Aten, which is a Command + Security Task with a Difficulty of 1. Failure results in the Away Team encountering a 2 Veurr patrol; on a Complication save the Threat for later. Once they arrive at the courtyard, Accoltae Janxeen who has been hiding since their capture calls them over. She has recovered the Player Characters’ gear and returns it to them. If questioned, she can respond that an old friend owed her a favor. She believes that now will be their only opportunity to access the Bau Artifact because the Veurr believe the officers are locked up and they will soon change the security protocols because of the incident earlier today in the sanctuary.

Scene 7: In the Nick of Time

The Sanctuary of Geb and Aten is dimly lit at night, however, the brightest illumination emanates from the ark holding the Primordial Gift of Geb. The light that shines from it’s ark illumines sayings from “The Path of Fulfillment” on the floor leading to the chapel in which it is held. These glyphs were not present when the PCs visited the sanctuary earlier in the day. There also does not appear to be anyone present except the Player Characters and Accoltae Janxeen. A successful Insight + Science Task with a Difficulty of 0 on a scanner or tricorder confirms there is no one else present. It will show there is a patrol moving about the sanctuary compound (if they had escaped in “Behind the Curtain,” it seems their escape has not been discovered yet). GM Note: The Gamemaster may wish to have an idea for a vision based upon one of the Player Character’s Values, something related to an ongoing campaign, or future prophecy ready in case they decide to open the ark housing the Primordial Gift.

If the Player Characters have not done so already, they may scan the housing of the Bau Artifact to obtain the information from Scene 5 above. Additional information available at this point is the alarm on the housing is inactive. Accoltae Janxeen knows that the artifact’s keeper is sometimes lax in their duty. If the PCs had been captured earlier, she will find it troubling that after the commotion earlier in the day the Keeper would forget. The Away Team will either need to work quickly in case it is a trap or to take the artifact away to a place where they will have more time to study the device.

From “The Siege of AR-558,” Star Trek DS9 (Season 7, Episode 8)

In the event they wish to work in situ, it is an Extended Task with a Difficulty of 4, a Magnitude of 3, a Resistance of 1, and a Work of 15. Accoltae Janxeen can assist with their work as she is the most knowledgeable about the artifact. The player will have 2 Attempts before the Veurrs will discover them in the sanctuary. If the second attempt is not successful, the Veurrs will attempt to initiate combat with the Off-worlders. The GM can spend 2 Threat in order for Janxeen to produce a portable Transporter Gift to send the Away Team, herself, and the artifact back to the Sanctuary of Aten and Geb, providing them with an additional 2 Attempts before they are located again. Otherwise the Veurrs (3, unless both Supporting Characters are present then 4) will begin a Combat scenario. Accoltae Janxeen will not participate in this combat. If the device has been modified, she will attempt to steal it however and seek cover behind the Veurrs.

In the event that they wish to take the Bau Artifact away and work on it, it is an Extended Task with a Difficulty of 3, a Magnitude of 3, a Resistance of 0, and a Work of 15. The theft of the artifact will initiate a planet-wide hunt to regain it. It’s energy signature is traceable and so the player will have up to 4 Attempts before their hideout is discovered by the Lithgeb Veurrs. In either scenario Accoltae Janxeen will bide her time before making a move against the Away Team. She believes the Off-worlders are capable of improving the Bau Artifact, possibly allowing the Lithgeb to open and close the planet’s electromagnetic barrier without consequence. She will act to secure the device once they complete the modifications. Utilizing her Double Agent ability, she will go first in a combat encounter. In the first round, she will attempt to stun whomever is near the device. If successful, she will use the Minor Action to retrieve the Bau Artifact. She is not a trained soldier, so she will not have the advantage of acting first in the second round of combat. In the second round, spend 2 Threat to use the portable Transporter Gift for Accoltae Janxeen to escape. As that round begins, one of the Player Characters should notice her reaching for the transporter controls.

After subduing Janxeen, the Player Characters can activate the Bau Artifact without any negative environmental repercussions to the planet; they are now in contact with the runabout again. A squad of 6 Veurrs will discover them at this point. The Mission Team is outnumbered. They can now freely transport off the planet either taking the device, leaving it behind, or destroying it. All those options would violate the Prime Directive. The Player Characters may attempt to rescramble the artifact during a Combat Encounter, however, Accoltae Janxeen was able to watch their work and may be able to duplicate it in the future. 

Continuing Voyages…

The Player Characters’ actions on Geb’aten will likely result in a Starfleet Inquiry. The inquest itself could be a follow-up Mission as in the Star Trek Original Series episodes “The Managerie” (Season 1, Episodes 11 and 12) and “Court Martial” (Season 1, Episode 20). Other follow-up Missions might include a syndicate lead by Prestcot Cullos that steals technology in the Gamma Quadrant and uses the modified Bau Artifact to leave Geb’aten but hide behind it’s protective, electromagnetic barrier when pursued. The discovery of Orbs of the Prophets in the Gamma Quadrant could also lead to further Missions to seek out other potential Orbs or even encounters with the Pah-wraiths.

Non-Playable Characters

Prestcot Cullos (Major)
Other NPCs
Veurr Neentan (Notable)
Accoltae Janxeen (Notable)

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